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Samar Marine Protected Sanctuary

The Marine Protected Sanctuary in San Vicente, Samar is bound by a beautiful pristine pink colored beach . The area is between 2 Islands and covers approximately 250 hectares. Once a haven for all types of Marine life specially tropical fish. Through the years, the Marine life has disappeared due to irresponsible activities of fishermen i.e., dynamite fishing, cyanide fishing, muro-ami etc. This has turned the waters beneath into a waste land.

The incumbent Mayor, Tito M. Luneza ha vowed to bring back Marine life between the islands. Through start up funds from the provincial government, a Marine protected area is being created complete with guard house facilities, a patrol boat, marker buoys and security personnel to secure the MPA 24/7.

Initially, 200 REEFbuds will be deployed. The area, however, has room for over 50, 000 REEFbuds and will be subject to a continuing solicitation program from those who would want to make a contribution to environmental rehab.